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you know you are a blogger

You know you are a blogger when…

You know you are a blogger when…..

Last weekend I asked the members of the wonderful Blogging Your way to Riches Facebook group this question. You know you are a blogger when ……..

The replies were hilarious and it was a popular post so Emma and I thought we should turn it into a post on here sharing our comments and gratitude for support from the members of the group. Thank you to Emma Drew for being the inspiration behind the idea.

Mrs Mummypenny – Lynn James

1) I’m on first name terms with the DPD delivery guy.

2) I’m forever thinking ‘that will look beautiful on Instagram’.

ShoeString Cottage – Jane Berry 

3) I am constantly writing ideas for blog posts down, sometimes mid conversation.

Mum of Boys & Mabel – Louise Sleightholme 

4) I write blog posts in my head in the shower

Katy Kicker  – Katy Stevens

5) You know you are a blogger when you take a photo of something and your husband asks if it is for your website. Erm no, sometimes I just take normal photos

Thrifty Mum – Hollie Gregersen 

6) Say pretentious stuff like “quick whilst we’ve got the light!”

Mums Savvy Savings – Emma Bradley

7) When your child loudly asks do we have to queue? Aren’t we on the guest list?

Debt Camel – Sara Williams

8) When you ask your friends if they have any good pictures of estate agents windows

Frugal family – Cass Bailey 

9) When you google ‘Top Instagram spots in …..’ before you go anywhere. My Milan itinerary was based around this.

The Life of Spicers – Angela Spicer

10) When you’re planning a day out thinking how many different angles can this be written about

Much More With Less – Faith Archer 

11) When your husband is resigned to eating cold food, because you just want to take a quick pic before anyone eats it.

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