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Why I Won’t Go Back to Working for Someone Else

Becoming self employed has been the best thing for my family and for my job satisfaction. Prior to leaving teaching I was always rushing and it was taking its toll on me and the family.  It has been well documented that Erin needed my full attention and was in and out of hospital many times due to her hip surgeries and asthma.  I got to the point that I dreaded my phone flashing at me on my teaching days.  I don’t know if we were particularly unlucky but shock horror young children get ill frequently and mine were forever picking up infections and things.

Until I made a change

I then decided enough was enough.  I wanted to put my children first.  I wanted to be the helping them with their homework.  I wanted to cook them better meals and above all I wanted to work and make money my way.  I wanted flexibility.  And so I left my secure teaching job to work for myself to turn my hobby to my income.

7 Reasons why being self employed is awesome

  • I have the flexibility to work when it suits me.  I don’t miss the children’s assemblies, sports days and can even go on school trips now.
  • I negotiate my rates of pay and choose the campaigns that interests me.
  • I can watch my children’s sports matches without feeling that I should be somewhere else marking books.  There was many a time I sat in my car marking when the children were playing.  Now I am on the sidelines with my camera.
  • I save money by having no childcare costs.  It means rather than working to pay childcare fees every single pound I earn is mine to spend on our family. You can read about many of my money saving ideas over at Mums Savvy Savings
  • Since working for myself I am more ambitious, I set myself bigger financial goals.  I feel so proud of the money in my pocket, knowing I made it happen
  • Sometimes I work in my PJ’s – I don’t need to commute apart from down the stairs!
  • I never miss a delivery – in fact I am on first name terms with the postman now!

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