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A guide to self-hosting for Bloggers – LCN

A guide to self-hosting for Bloggers – LCN

One of the questions Emma and I get asked all the time is ‘what does self-hosting mean?’ ‘Why should I move from WordPress hosting to self-hosting?’

It comes down to the questions, do you want to monetise your blog and do you want control over your content? If the answer is yes go self-hosted from day 1 or as soon as possible. Your content is yours and brand are more keen to work with websites that are self-hosted, so websites like www.emmaand3.com and www.mrsmummypenny.co.uk.

Lynn’s Preferred Hosting Service Provider is LCN

Lynn used LCN to buy her domain names (she has 5 now!) and to provide self-hosting on those domains where which have live websites. The prices Lynn paid are fairly low…£92 for 2 years of business hosting for Mrs Mummypenny for example. These prices are incredible value for money, particularly compared to some bigger hosting partners who shall remain nameless!

Customer Service

Customer service is very important to both Emma and Lynn and they will often pay more for goods if the customer service attached to it is amazing. Take First Direct for example. I will not move my personal banking away from them despite them not being the cheapest. Their customer service is amazing.

LCN customer services are equally amazing, here are come examples of help they have given to Lynn over the 4 years of partnership.

  • They always seem to be working, I have called at 8am or 9pm and they answer the phone.
  • They have sorted out every issue I have had even the complex technical ones.
  • They sorted out recent site speed issues by moving me to a different server.

WordPress Hosted Packages

They have brought out an exciting new product for WordPress users. Custom built hosting optimised for WordPress websites. Essential plugins and themes are already included in the box. My friends at LCN have kindly offered readers of Mrs Mummypenny, Mums Savvy Savings and Blogging Your Way To Riches a 20% discount code. Here are the deal details.

Promotion code: newsite20

Discount: 20% off the cost of any new WordPress hosting purchase (this 20% applies to our already discounted multiyear options too)

Applies to any new purchase of a WordPress hosting package: www.lcn.com/web-hosting/wordpress

Code expires at midnight on the 30th of June 2017

Be quick to sign up and get the discount. Its available on the pay monthly packages or the better value 1-year, 2-year or 5-year packages.

Details of the Package from LCN website


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This a collaborative post. There is no affiliate commission payable to Lynn or Emma for any sign-ups.

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