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How to Pitch and win that campaign

How to Pitch and win that campaign

Pitching is one of those things that bloggers love to hate. If you are keen to monetise your blog then you are going to have to harness this skill and get pitching. But how do you pitch? I thought I would share some of my proven track record of successful pitching ideas that you can learn from. This is a taster of ideas, for plenty more ideas invest in a copy of our book Blogging Your Way To Riches that inspired this website.

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When to Pitch

There is no right or wrong answer to this question but here are some idea of times when pitching cn work.

When you love a product.

You when you find the most perfect product. It helps you in your life, saves you time, saves you money or just looks beautiful then you want to rave about it. Write a blog post telling your readers all about the product. Use this post as an example of your great work and pitch it the brand. Share it and tag the brand on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Do some internet research and email it to the PR agency who look after the brand or to a marketing manager in the company (a search on linked in will help with this).

Look at What other bloggers in your niche are working on

Read your fellow bloggers websites and see the kind of brands they are working on. These are brands open to working with bloggers and potentially have budget available to spend right now. Comment on posts from other bloggers as the brands are most likely reading these comments. Engage on Instagram and Twitter. If the brands love the comments and engagement then they may consider working with you as well.

Go to Events

Get yourself out and in front of the brands. Blogger events are a great way to start this process off. Events such a Blog-on and Xmas July fest are a perfect way to meet the brands face to face. Dazzle them with your ideas and personality and arrange for future projects. Emma and I recently attended the Xmas July fest and met so many brands, many of which we both now in touch with and working on various projects.

Create a series of Amazing Content

Maybe you are a food blogger with Vegan food as your niche. Think up a series of maybe ten posts each with a different brand or product focused. Then contact the brand with your ideas and see if they are up for being included in the series. The more unique and interesting the series the more likely to catch the PR agencies eye. Do something different that you’ve not read about before and that you know your readers will engage with.

How to Pitch

The email you send to the PR executive or the marketing department need to be succinct and to the point. A couple of paragraphs should suffice, why you love their product and a unique and innovative idea of how you can talk about their product further on your website. Or how you can promote is on social media or on your newsletter. Then offer to send them a copy of your media pack if they are interested in exploring. This needs to catch their eye as they get hundreds of emails every day.


For more info on pitching, negotiation of pricing and so much more invest in a copy of our book..available right on this website for just £9.99 for paperback or £4.99 for kindle version.



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