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13 First Steps to Writing a Book

Do you have a book in you?  Many people believe they do and this post will help you take the first steps in turning your idea into a book.  Writing a book has been one of my greatest achievements to date and it has inspired me to write more. For many getting a publisher was the first hurdle and here is where many people’s dreams of becoming an author stumbled. Thankfully now this need not be the barrier you dread. Follow our 13 First Steps to Writing a Book post to realise your dreams.

13 First Steps to Writing a Book

More and more self publish their work and there are benefits to this.  Firstly it means that you are in full control and can make every decision.  You set the price and take all the profit.  There are of course disadvantages to self publishing, the main one being you are responsible for promoting your book and any costs associated with writing and publishing are yours.

A number of people have asked us the process for writing Blogging Your Way To Riches and I thought we would share how we approached writing the book collaboratively.

  1. We decided to self publish from the start and although my first initial idea was for an Ebook, Lynn quickly convinced me to create a physical copy too.
  2. Lynn and I brainstormed chapter ideas and allocating chapters to each others determined by our strengths.
  3. Lynn drew up a timeline which we stuck rigidly to.  As we don’t live close to each other we also had a weekly online meeting via Skype. This is where we motivated each other but also tweaked ideas.
  4. We each started drafting our chapters in the order that suited us.  We wrote the chapters in word and just kept saving as we went. One thing to note is style  Lynn placed one space after a full stop where I naturally do two.  This was a pain to sort after so agree on style early on if you are working collaboratively.
  5. We proofread each other’s chapters. Proof reading is hard and we agreed early on to be fair to each other but also to be honest. We were critical friends!
  6. Once the draft was complete we gave it to a couple of trusted bloggers for their feedback. This was brutal in parts but helped us reshape the content.  We cut bits out and added more detail where needed.  It was useful to have different people that looked at different angles.  For example some bloggers naturally focussed on content where others looked at grammar, syntax and tone.
  7. We arranged a photoshoot and then commissioned Di Coke to design the front cover of the book.
  8. The content was then formatted for createspace which is Amazon’s self publishing portal.
  9. The final proof read took hours and we did it together over skype.  However at the end we were satisfied nothing had been missed out!
  10. The content was then uploaded and we ordered two sample copies.
  11. We eagerly waited for the samples.  We found a few things still to be tweaked that was sizing issues and we then hit publish.
  12. The book Blogging Your Way To Riches became instantly available in Amazon.  We also bought stock ourselves.  This was our biggest outlay.
  13. Promoting the book is ongoing and there will be another post on how we have done that.

We hope this inspires you to start that book you have in your mind.  Holding your book in your hand is an amazing feeling and I still don’t get bored flicking through the pages!

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  1. Thank you so much, this was great mainly in a get to it kinda way! I read a quote from Albert Einstein yesterday which I loved, Someday you just have to stop reading other people’s books and write you’re own! Thank you for this it was so helpful. x

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