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How to find your niche area as a blogger

How to find your niche area as a blogger

Emma and I believe that its a really important success factor to find a niche area as a blogger. Become the go-to person for a particular field of expertise. Emma for example is well known for her educational writing and Lynn is well known for her accounting and corporate previous life and experience. We are both chosen specifically for campaigns because of our expert areas of knowledge. Or do something that makes you different, like writing a book!

There are so many blogs around today, with tons more popping up every day. But sometimes it is a case of quantity over quality and there’s no doubt that many fall by the wayside simply because the author failed to find their target audience or simply couldn’t keep up with the commitment it requires to keep their audience engaged.

It’s no good to simply start a blog and hope for the best. Before you put fingertip to keyboard you need to understand 5 key points that will help you not only identify your niche, but then gain a strong following and keep your readers coming back for more.

Find your niche

Too many blogs out there are far too random, which often means visitors feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff on the site and don’t feel they have the time or inclination to sit and wade through it all. Consider your talents, and your hobbies. Are you interested in home making, sewing, cooking, baking, or technology and geeking? Are you fascinated by learning to become an online trader with a company like CMC Markets and want to share your knowledge on stocks and shares or maybe even forex? Think about what you simply LOVE to do and then you’ll find that ideas for starting a blog feel natural.

Write about your areas of interest only

It sounds very obvious, but stick to what you know. No-one wants to necessarily visit a blog about fishing tackle to find spurious posts about cupcake recipes! Stick to your subject area and areas of interest only and don’t be tempted to segue into anything else. If you do find you want to divert and discuss something different, make clear your reasons for doing so and explain that this will only be a one off diversion and that normal service will be resumed in the next post. If you find you’re veering off topic a little too often, then it might be best to revise what your blog is about.

Stick to your common strengths

Are you a funny writer? Do you lean towards comedy? Or are you a serious, academic writer who finds it tough to pen posts with wit and passion. Deciding your blogging niche also relies upon being able to pinpoint your style and your flair. Don’t try and be a funny blogger if that’s not in your bones. Similarly, if you’re not into writing serious articles, don’t try your hand at it when you set your site up. Sometimes, you only know how you’ll develop as a writer once you begin, and it may take a few posts for your own true style to emerge, but once it has, stick to it and don’t try and diverge. This will be what engages your readers and keeps them coming back.

Keep content fresh

Can you commit to writing regular posts and entries and keep your site updated regularly?

If you can’t then it might be worth revising whether this is something you want to do or not. Finding your niche means also being able to keep up to date with what’s going on in your particular world of interest and making the content relevant and interesting to an ever changing readership. If you’re writing about news and current affairs this should be relatively easy. Plan on making at least one post a week. More if you can. The more you post, the more you advertise your blog through social media, the more exposure you’ll get and the better your page will rank.

Be creative

What’s your blog’s USP – is there something you have that other bloggers don’t? Dig deep and think about doing something that will not only inspire your readership but encourage new visitors to your site. If you’re a crafter, think about doing regular competitions and giveaways – as a way to advertise your skills and make sales. Create interest on social media around your page – hashtags, Facebook postings and Instagram pictures to promote what you do, get interest in your blogging niche and advertise your skills are all perfect ways to get creative without really ever having to move from the sofa.


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