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Emma & Lynn’s Top 5 Blogger Essentials

Blogger Essentials

Being a professional blogger is the best job in the world. Emma and I are so grateful for our profession and the opportunities it presents to us every day. We get to work on the most amazing campaigns with brands (chocolate crafting at the savoy, cake baking with bake off contestants) and get to experience amazing events (Badminton horses, Standon Calling festival, Summertime ball). The quality time we get to spend with our three children each is invaluable. We are there for our families, yet earning a great living whilst doing so.

It’s not without hard work of course. There is so much time and work that goes into writing engaging content, the building of many social media channels, networking with brands and fellow bloggers. Add on the technical website elements, admin, travel. If you can do this then the rewards are fruitful. It is possible to earn really good money with hard work, determination and a bit of knowing the right people!

Emma and I wanted to share our favourite tools that we couldn’t live without that make our blogging life easier and save us time, thus money. I have popped in affiliate links so if you did go on to buy we will make a small bit of income, thank you!

Lynn’s Top 5 ‘Can’t live without’ Blogger Essentials

  1. Laptop HP Envy Amazon

You absolutely need a decent laptop. Now I don’t neccessarily mean a £1,500 MacBook (although lots of bloggers do love them). You just need a decent fast laptop. You will likely be building your websit in WordPress so its good to have speedy computer that works quickly when you make changes. I love my HP Envy. It cost £500 two years ago, here is more updated model available at Amazon. The battery is great and last around 4 hours after being fully charged and its light enough to carry around in a rucksack.

2) Samsung S7 Mobile Phone

I am not an Apple person, I love my Samsung products. So, for a phone I have always chosen Samsung products for the past seven years. I got my S7 in March (after losing my S6 at my 40th birthday party, in the rubbish bin). It’s such a great phone that I can do everything on. I can run my entire business on my phone! Importantly the battery life is good and I have a fast charger so can get a full battery charge done in 1 hour.

The cheapest way to get a decent mobile phone is to buy it outright, an S7 is a great price now as the latest S8 model has recently come out.

Then get a Sim Only deal with a network. EE have some great deals on 12 month SIM packages.

3) Cool note pads/stationery

I am sucker for my stationery. Shops like Paperchase and even Staples are heaven for me. I was most excited when my friend Julie set up Edie & Rona, an online stationery shop with everything you could possibly need to help with organisation and blogger prettiness.

4) Brightly coloured lipstick boots

Most of my selfies and blog pictures have me wearing bright lipstick, check out my Instagram feed for lots of pictures. I would never wear bright lipstick in my twenties or early thirties. I always thought it was too much. Now I love bright lipstick and love the statement it makes. I have a beautiful Chanel Red that I just adore here is a link to the product at Boots.

I also have a beautiful Bobbi Brown bright pink the colour is called watermelon.

5) Phone charger

I mentioned my phone earlier, if I use it all day long and then have an event in the evening it will mean that I need to recharge it. I always have a charger in my bag for emergencies. There is not much worse than a 40-minute train journey home at 11pm with no phone battery!

Emma’s Top 5 ‘Can’t live without’ Blogger Essentials

1) Erin Condren Planner

A planner is one those essential bits of kit that just make life easier to manage. Get all your lists in there, blog post ideas, recipe ideas, diary. It’s nice to have them all in the same place. There are many on the market but Emma’s planner of choice is the Erin Condren planner. Beautiful colours with a logical structure inside. Full of inspirational quotes and ideas. Take a look on Amazon there are loads of beautiful designs.

2) Canon G7X for vlogging and photos

Emma and I have very different cameras, but I must agree with Emma and say this is the superior one. Its compact enough to carry around in your handbag, has a very cool screen that you can pop up and flip around so you see exactly what you are filming. And the photos are stunning. It’s not cheap I will warn you. But if you are serious about blogging and want to have professional photos and vlogs then this is the product for you.


3) Blogger picture backgrounds

Captured by Lucy has set up a business attached to her blog selling backdrops for the most beautiful images. If you take pictures of products for Instagram and your blog then you will want to have a browse through these products.

4) Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation

Emma went for a beauty product as well with hers being her can’t live without foundation for flawless skin in pictures and video. It comes in 28 shades and contains an SPF, and here is a link to the product at Boots. Fab foundation there, check out Emma on her YouTube channel to see the foundation in action.

5) iPhone

When I, Lynn am a Samsung android user, Emma is an Apple user and can’t survive the world of social media without her iPhone. I know a fair bit about phones having worked for EE for 5 years and they are all pretty much the same, particularly the iPhone 7 versus the iPhone 6. If you are getting a new phone why not buy a slightly older model maybe a year old and get great value for money. You can pick up a refurbed rose-coloured iPhone 6S from Amazon from Apple for just £380 now. Nice!

We would love to hear your essentials too if not covered about, tell us in the comments.

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