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What is Christmas in July and Should I Be Going?

It is a true fact that the month of July is often termed Christmas in July in the world of media.  It seems rather crazy that on the hottest days of the year bloggers, freelance writers and PR’s are eating mince pies and listening to Silent Night.  However there is a purpose to the madness! Here we share ‘what is Christmas in July and should I be going?’

Christmas in July has always happened, it is not a new thing and there are good reasons why it happens in July.  The print media schedule about three months in advance. All those glossy shiny gift guides that start appearing in magazines and through our doors in November will be being designed and crafted from August.  Therefore Christmas in July is when the brands and PR teams will showcase their new ranges.  It is a chance to see the products that the buyers have picked out.  It is a chance to see what the trends are for next Christmas.

In recent years bloggers have found themselves on these guests lists and it can be a great networking opportunity.  It may seem very early to be thinking about Christmas and in reality I don’t know any bloggers that schedule that far in advance!

Will I get paid to attend?

Unlikely, it is a press day and as such they often want as many feet through the door as possible.  It is unlikely you will be paid or given travel expenses.  However many of the events will give bloggers a goody bag and this can contain anything from vouchers, to decorations.

Why go?

It is a great opportunity to network with brands and PR’s that you would like to build a relationship with. They may not have long to talk to bloggers and often print journalists will be ‘favoured’ but it is a good opportunity to talk, hand out business cards and chat to brands and other bloggers.

Do I have to stay long?

Not at all.  You could fit in several a day and this certainly makes the cost of travelling into London or around London more viable for many.  I have known bloggers fit in 8 or so events as the day starts early and often goes on until 7pm

What coverage are brands looking for?

You could be super efficient and schedule posts and start gift guides.  I tend to share my day on Facebook Live (follow me Emma and 3 here).  I will also use photos later in the year on Instagram.  Lynn yesterday attended Aldi’s event and shared photos on Instagram ( follow Lynn on Mrs Mummy Penny here).

How do I get an invite?

Follow brands on Twitter including following the hashtags.  This is a great way of connecting with brands. The more you network with brands the more you will find yourself added to lists. If you hear of an event you’d like to attend be proactive about approaching brands.  Ask to be on their lists for future events.   Register for events as you see them advertised.  My golden tip is always be nice to people and then you will be suggested and recommended by other PR’s.  Only yesterday I was on a call with a PR person who told me she had been passed my details by another PR person because I do a good job.  Remember your reputation will travel around agencies!

Last words!

Wear comfy shoes, it can be a long and tiring day.  Pace yourself, if I am doing a few events I plan my day in advance.  I have a rough timing and I know what route to take to minimise travel! We hope this helps you understand what is Christmas in July and should I be going?

Any questions drop them in the comments and we will do our best to answer them!




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