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Blogging Your Way To Riches: The Next Chapter

Welcome to the Blogging Your Way To Riches blog page.  We excited to share that going forward you will be seeing more content appearing on the blog and on social media.  Each Tuesday and Thursday there will be fresh content that we hope will help bloggers grow.  Both Lynn and I are looking forward to creating a resource for bloggers that will really make a difference to how you blog.  We will use this space to blog about blogging  and answer any questions you may have.

We will be putting the spotlight on bloggers and asking for their tips and tricks.  There will be the opportunity to learn more about becoming a successful blogger.  If you want increase your skill set, read tutorials and be inspired by amazing bloggers this is where you will find that information.

Blogging has given us both so many amazing work opportunities. Now we want to be able to show you that blogging can be a lucrative career choice. We want to equip others with what we have learnt so that others can reap the rewards too.

To coincide with the blog we are also launching an Instagram hashtag.  We would love to see bloggers using #BloggingYourWayToRiches in those instagram posts that celebrate blogging.  We are welcoming inspiring images, images that show the flexibility and freedom blogging gives and also images related to blogging.  For example I am going to Badminton Horse Trials on Friday and will be using the hashtag as I celebrate the opportunities I get due to my career choice. Each Saturday we will share some of our favourite images from the community. Do make sure that you are following Mrs Mummy Penny UK on instagram and Emma and 3.

We are really looking forward to this next step in the Blogging Your Way to Riches journey. We have more exciting plans for later in the year. Stick with us, it’s one fantastic journey that we are going on!



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