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Why Your Blogging Approach to Guaranteed SEO is Probably Wrong

SEO or search engine optimisation is crucial for organic traffic to your blog. If you can get your SEO right you will rank highly for organic search.  This is turn increases traffic aand visibility which often brings the paid opportunities to your blog. Therefore the question is how can I get guaranteed SEO success?

I have been blogging 8 years now and I am still learning all the time.  Blogging has been on a huge journey in the past 8 years and I have riden that wave.  When I started, Instagram was yet to be born, follow and no follow links meant nothing to me and SEO was not of interest.  I wrote because I wanted to, somewhere along the way it started to make me money.  Then blogging became my job.

During that time I learnt about the  technicalities of blogging.  I added plugins to my blogs that would help grow the blog.  One of those plugins was Yoast.  Yoast helps with SEO and many of us aim to turn the light green.  This green light is the belief that we will have guaranteed SEO success. However that is only part of the approach, and yet this is where most bloggers stop.  Unfortunately that is only the half way point.

What that light is not telling you is what you keywords you are hitting.  In order to really hit the SEO highs you need to be in the top eight searches on Google. Just consider your own searches, do you often go beyond the first page when searching for something?  Some phrases are very competitive and it would be really difficult to rank on the first page for.

However there are tools and programmes that can help you uncover the words and phrases that you could still rank highly for.

Guaranteed SEO Improvement Tools

  • KW Finder has been my game changer.  You do need to pay for the service but even only having it for a month whilst you audit your posts would increase traffic. It is really easy to use. Simply add a keyword or phrase into the search bar and it will tell you how hard or easy it will be to rank for that keyword. KW Finder also offers other related phrases that you can analyse.  Furthermore it also tells you who are the top sites for each keyword.  I have been using my top posts as found in my own analytics to update my SEO using this tool.  In a short space of time I have already increased my organic traffic.
  • The second tool is using Search Console.  This is a google service and once your site is being tracked you have host to lots of data.  Click your site and then click search analytics.  Next select pages and under the chart you will see your top performing posts for organic search.  This data will help you see where you are already ranking well.  You can then look at improving the SEO of these posts using KW Finder.

Using these two tools has increased my organic traffic.  These posts can then be affliated and could start making you money. There are no guaranteed SEO systems and Google often tweak their algorythms but using key words and search console will possitively impact on your organic traffic.

Le us know in the comments how you get on.

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