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7 Plugins and App’s to Boost Blog Traffic

Writing content that people want to read is obviously the number one aim of your blog.  However you also need to promote the content. Here are my favourite 7 Plugins and App’s to Boost Blog Traffic. These will help you on the road to traffic success.

When writing, think about the purpose of the post.  The content needs to be well crafted and have something worthwhile to say. Are you writing to share an opinion, like I did in this popular post that became Mumsnet blog of the day Would You And Should You Take Young Children To Funerals? Or is it to inform others like Lynn did in her brilliant post 7 Unusual Ways to Boost Your Income Online. However once you have written your words of wisdom how do you get others to read it?

There are a number of ways to promote your posts and increase traffic to your site. In this post we are sharing 7 Plugins and App’s to Boost Blog Traffic.


  • Related Posts plugin.  This clever plug in recognises words in the post that you have used before.  It will showcase 3 or 5 previous posts you have written.  It pulls the image and the title and is found under the post. This encourages readers to read more posts, therefore reducing bounce rate. It will improve your pageviews ass people go between posts.
  • Share This plugin.  Again this features under your post and allows easy sharing to all social media channels. It encourages your readers to share your content and increase promotion.
  • Pinterest is a huge traffic booster for many.  Therefore it is good practice to make a pinnable image (size 735 by 1335 is ideal) and use the pin it button that makes it easy for others to pin.
  • Yoast this is an SEO plugin.  It uses a traffic light system to show you if your posts are well optimised.  This means that it is likely to do well in search. If someone Googles a question or a topic the well optimised posts are the ones that come up near the top of search. Using the plug in gives you a visual prompt that you have written it well.


  • Buffer is a free app that allows you to fill up with tweets or Facebook posts that are then automated to publish at specific times. This promotes your posts and encourages others to come over and read your content.
  • Tailwind is an app for pinterest that helps you find others in a similar niche. It can have a huge impact on sharing your pins.
  • Moasico costs £4.99 and is used for Instagram.  It allows you to see what your feed will look like and help you curate it to look exactly how you want it too.  This app will also publish at specific times for you.


7 Plugins and App's to Boost Blog Traffic

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  1. Cass@FrugalFamily says:

    There’s some great apps here Emma – I have all but mosaico and I’m considering that at the moment as I’ve deleted a couple of photos that don’t really ‘fit’ recently x x

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